Family Programming

We aim to provide resources and a strong support system for students and families. We are committed to communicating with our families that their active involvement makes a significant difference in their child’s overall performance. That is why at The Academy, as we aspire to serve our Dream Center students well,  we believe this includes serving our families well. It is important for us to partner with Dream Center parents to see their students Dream Fearlessly and reach their full potential in college and beyond.

The Fast Program

FAST is a “parent engagement program that helps children thrive by building strong relationships at home.” Its program activities are educational, fun, and emotionally rewarding for all participants. FAST is implemented by a trained team comprised of parents, teachers, other school representatives, high-school advocates, and community-based professionals. Each team member seeks to engage families in group activities and discussions that lead to significant improvements in children’s behavior, emotional well-being, and academic performance. We believe in our DCA families and are excited to offer this program that includes: free dinner, games for parents and students, free childcare for all younger siblings, one-on-one time for parents and students, and community support from our staff and other parents.


We are committed to keeping your student safe. We are working closely with the Gaston County Health Department to make the Academy a safe and comfortable space for our students and families. If you or your student have symptoms or have questions about getting tested locally for free, please contact Ana Ocfemia at


Community Resources

As we serve families within the Gaston Community, we serve next to other amazing programs within the area that have resources for Gaston residents. If you have a need, you may reach out to us. If we are not able to meet the need, we are here to help you find the resources you need. 



Back To School Supplies

Our mission is to serve students well, and we believe that includes serving families well. We always want to have resources available for families – resources to engage in their students’ learning and to help our families in times of need. If you have questions about getting more school supplies during the year, feel free to reach out to us.  


Fast Program

We start our FAST program for families every March. This is an 8-week program for the whole family with free dinner, interactive activities for the whole family, free childcare for all siblings, and MUCH MORE. For more information about our next cycle, contact Ana Ocfemia at