How to Apply for DCA

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Our Application Process

Dream Center Academy serves students who reside in the western portion of Gastonia, primarily the Hunter Huss feeder area. We seek a diverse group of students who each bring a unique and valuable perspective of Gaston to the Academy.

We look for students who show some interest or spark in school and who would benefit from an encouraging, enriching, and supportive academic environment. DCA seeks families who are committed to their student’s success and are willing to fully participate in the DCA program.

All interested students and families must participate in the application process, which is outlined below:

1. Student Nomination
Elementary school principals, guidance counselors and teachers nominate students.
2. Application
Parents and students receive an application packet to complete and return.
3. Scoring of Applicants
DCA reviews and scores the applications.
4. Acceptance Notification
Parents receive acceptance notification through US mail.
5. Acceptance Dinner
An Acceptance Dinner is held for our new class of students.



The greatest strength of the Academy that I recognize is the staff. For me personally, I enjoy communication and how flexible the staff is. They do everything in their power to keep you in the know and make sure that your child is in good hands while they are away from you. I am greatly appreciative that my daughter got to participate in something so unique. All the support that you all have given her and to our family as well has been amazing. I can’t say enough good things about how awesome, selfless, and amazing this program is because they are actually doing everything they can to better the youth of Gaston County.

Have Additional Questions?

If you would like to know more about our application process or would like to learn about the many ways you can support DCA, please reach out to us today!

Reach out to Dream Center Academy to find out more about how your support can shape the lives of students in Gaston County.